Sum It Up Sunday #5


Well, it’s been a week. Of course it has, but a couple of days within that week have been rather chaotic…



Sum It Up Sunday #4


Hello Sunday, last day of the week, last day of July: Lammas Eve.

I’m sitting here writing up our past week, thinking about all the things I have to do today, whilst wishing it was already tomorrow. I am looking forward to tomorrow, there is something absolute in starting a new week on the 1st of the month.



Sum It Up Sunday #3

P1020861Hello Sunday, it’s you again.

Another week has passed with more friends, fun and family time AND some SUMMER – yes, we have enjoyed the “hottest day of the year”. Here’s what happened this week:



Sum It Up Sunday #2

15074Another week in what is allegedly July, but the weather has once again, failed to remember this, and is doing as it pleases ; rain (lots of), muggy warm, windy, dry but with heavy air, bursts of sunshine and scratch-my-eyes-out-hayfever. Nevertheless it has been a fun week with plenty going on.




Clutterbug Cleaner

houseworkWhat do you get if you cross a loveable Clutterbug  with a proficiency in procrastination and a love/loathe attitude to cleaning (love the end result but haaaaaate cleaning), with a serious dollop of lazy-can’t-be-arsedness? ME! And a pretty stressed out Me, at that.




Sum It Up Sunday #1

julyIf I were to sum up the past week, it would be best described as quick. Like, super speedy! It’s Sunday already??? We’ve not even had a particularly busy week. But those 7 days/ 168 hours/ 10,080 minutes have indeed passed quickly.




Hello July

eyeIt’s  4.37am. I’ve been awake for some time, listening to the birds outside in the bushes singing their morning song; there is definitely a blue tit out there, and something else too, but I don’t know what. It is the sound of peace. As I lie in my bed, I become aware with each passing minute the increasing fizziness of my sinuses  – hello hay fever!



Get Your Happy On

happyHappiness. What is it? That’s easy; it’s …ehm…hmm, how to articulate that that grin that won’t quit without sounding like a pretentious unicorn farting rainbows? And right now all I can think of is to clap along with Pharrell Williams. I suppose it makes a wee change from not worrying and whistling along with Bobby McFerrin .  What was the question again? Oh yeh, What is  happiness or what is that happy feeling?