School’s out For Summer

Yes, I know I spelled “analogue” incorrectly…

The Scottish academic year ended this week, along with it, (A)’s second year of Home Education. If he were in mainstream school, he would have completed Primary 2.





Home Ed Camp

camp10Last weekend was a big weekend for us – we went camping! With our friends! It was such a big deal because (A) HATES staying away from home overnight.




Step 2 – Almost Complete (Konmari)

bookkm7Last week was clothing, this week I continued on my KonMari mission and tackled what I thought was going to be one of the hardest challenges: books.







Step 1 – Complete (Konmari)

knomari7Last week I shared what I had learned from the KonMari book about tidying. This week I put it into practice! I was very excited to get started, even though this is just tidying. This is no ordinary tidying, but more like extreme tidying; it’s hardcore and ruthless.


The Konmari Method


Last Tuesday I wrote about being a clutterbug and feeling a bit swamped with the household chores and finally deciding to do something practical – step forward Marie Kondo : The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying.






Saving £££ on-line. Frugal Friday #2

frufridSince leaving work in the Spring, I have been looking at and trying different ways to save as many extra pounds where I can. There are so many hints and tips available online and in books and magazines. Making savings and cutting bills are attractive prospects for most of us.



Frugal Friday


Frugal (adj) :

economical in use or expenditure; prudently saving or sparing; not wasteful

See also : thrifty, skimping, penny-pinching, tight, stingy, watchful and careful [with money]



Life’s A Beach

P1020818During “term time”, places such as parks, beaches and the library are usually fairly quiet.  It turns out that during the summer holidays, the same applies to the beach on slightly cooler colder, overcast days with fairly persistent smirry rain, too.





chocYesterday I wrote about gender specific chocolate being sold to kids, in my post called Chocolate Politics. Today I just wanted to give an update on chocolategate






Chocolate Politics

choFirst we had “Let Toys be Toys” then “Let Clothes be Clothes”, today I am calling for “Let Chocolate be Chocolate”. Seriously, everyday sexism just hit the sweetie aisle in Home Bargains. 






Never Too Young

hrPolitics isn’t for the young. They don’t need to know what’s going on in the world, regardless if they understand any of it or not. Rallies, protest marches and demos are no places for children; too violent and dangerous. Politics has nothing to do with children,  just adults since adults have the vote and obviously understand and know what they are doing.



First Year: Done

booksWe are drawing to a close, our official first year of home education. Had (A) been in school, he would be finishing up Primary 1 at the end of this month. I have to say it has been a remarkably quick year, and I’m not sure who has learnt more, him or me!